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The Fitness Armory

Men's Bar Elite Bearing Bar (Needle Bearing / IWF Compliant Competition Bar)

$499.00 $699.00


Men's Bar Elite Needle Bearing Bar (IWF Compliant Competition Bar)

Built to IWF Specs our Elite Bar features a few unique elements including a patented sleeve design that allows for vertical dropping or storage while protecting the needle bearings. The Elite Bar is constructed with chromium molybdenum steel alloy. The molybdenum provides increased tensile strength and while the chromium facilitates excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation. Chrome Moly is also known for having excellent reflexive qualities (whip). High whip, high tensile strength, and high anti-corrosive properties.



  • Tensile Strength: 216,200 psi
  • Yield Strength: 206,900 psi
  • Rotation System: Needle Bearing
  • Shaft Material: Chromium Molybdenum Steel Alloy
  • Patented: Indestructible 360 Degree Sleeve Design. Unique as it allows to store needle bearing bar vertically without damage. 
  • Length: 220cm / Weight: 20kg
  • Shaft Diameter: 28mm
  • Sleeve Diameter: 50mm
  • Loadable Sleeve Length: 415mm (16.25")
  • Specification: IWF Compliant
  • Shaft Coating: Hard Chrome/Chrome
  • Sleeve Coating: Chrome
  • Capacity: 1500lb
  • Inspection: MPI Machine
  • Warranty: 3 Years