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Covid-19 Status

San Diego location now accepting walk-ins. Masks required. 25% capacity.

NO REFUNDS/NO RETURNS at this time, store credit only.

We are accepting orders for all items for invitation only contactless pick up at all other locations.

Estimated lead time is 4-12 weeks on all orders, unless otherwise indicated. 

"IN STOCK" items will be noted on specific product pages. 

Ability to add item to cart does not guarantee item is in stock, we do not update stock item by item.
Email only customer service. Response time up to 2 weeks.


Covid-19 FAQ / Order Updates



New Order General Estimated Time-Frame:  

  • 4-12 weeks from order date. Heavily back-ordered items such as bumper plates and some kettlebell/dumbbell sizes will have longer time-frames posted on their item pages. 


Action Plan 

We are continuously receiving equipment shipments at this time. We will continue to fulfill up to current order # (W22000+as of 11/8) for in stock, low/medium back-order items as they come in. Many orders will be taken care of or receive partials well before the above dates.

Heavily back-ordered items such as bumper plates and some kettlebell/dumbbell sizes are causing delays for some orders. We are currently targeting orders under W14000 to escalate and propose substitution options. We will start targeting higher orders in the coming weeks. 

We ask for kindness toward our staff and as much patience as possible as we are dealing with an unprecedented amount of equipment landing at our warehouses. Our team is definitely putting in the work and are dedicated to getting orders out as quickly as possible. One big help would be to pick up orders including partial orders as quickly as possible once notifications are received. This will help unclog our warehouses and make space for future shipments. We sincerely appreciate your business and your support during this time. 



  1. Are you open?  Due to the large influx of orders and continued threat of Covid-19, The Fitness Armory will continue to operate on a contactless bases by invitation only. Sacramento is currently open for walk ins at 25% capacity. Walk ins are able to buy any available in stock items or place orders. Masks required. Please look out for "in stock" notifications through emails, social media posts, and our web-page to purchase items available for a pick up invitation or shipment earlier than our 4-12 week general lead time. Instructions for fulfillment will be posted with any notifications. We appreciate your support during these uncertain times. We are still accepting orders online for contactless pick up, invitation only. We will reach out to you and schedule a time for you to pick up your order or partial order. Our staff will set the equipment outside and then you can pick up the equipment with no human to human interaction. We must all do our part to flatten the curve and practice social distancing during the pandemic.
  2. When will I receive a response to my inquiry? Our team is currently slammed with multiple times our normal volume and the Covid-19 crisis. We will likely not be able to respond to any questions, update requests, or special request in a timely matter. We are also not currently able to take phone calls so emails followed by text and Instagram are the best channels of communication currently.  Our focus is on processing and updating people with orders on file. If the website, email auto-responders, and social media do not answer your questions keep trying to email us and we will have a human get back to you as soon as possible. We apologize in advance for the delay! We are estimating up to 2 weeks communication lead time.
  3. When will I receive my order? 4 to 12 weeks from when you placed your order. Subject to change without notice. Heavily back-ordered items will experience longer lead times. Partial order notices are more likely than complete order notices, we will be reaching out to people one by one as our team works through processing orders. We encourage people to order online as soon as possible as these lead times will only grow nationally with supply coming in at a trickle and many stores closing or sold out of inventory. Partial and full orders must be picked up within 2 weeks of notification due to volume of orders and limited warehouse space. 
  4. First Responder Discount? We apologize! First responder and student discounts currently do not stack with other promotions such as the current sale. For future sales we sometimes allow the discounts to stack partially, but we will advertise a discount code and conditions if we offer this promotion. 
  5. Refunds possible? Strict no refund policy. Store credit only for approved cancellations of any order, please refer to our sale page and policy page. Please carefully review our policies and times frames prior to ordering. This policy allows us to make commitments on raw materials and equipment while at the same time consistently providing quality products at an affordable price guaranteed to all of our customers. We are doubling our order volume in an effort to close lead times as quickly as possible. We appreciate your understanding and support during these unprecedented times. We are currently focusing our escalation efforts on orders below W14000. Our goal is to provide substitution options if your items are not currently available to resolve your order as quickly as possible. If you are having trouble due to their current communication volume and are below order W14000 please try We will update information here, via email blasts, and on social media with as much information as possible. Note that responses from this account may take between 2-5 business days.