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COVID-19 FAQs (As of 4/1/2020)

Are you open? Lead time? 

We are accepting orders for all items. Estimated lead time is 4-12 weeks on most popular items. 

Ability to add item to cart does not guarantee item is in stock, we do not update stock item by item. 

Responses to inquiries currently take up to 2 weeks. We focusing all energy on processing and updating orders.

Refunds possible? 

Store credit only for all orders, please refer to our sale page for more info. Carefully review our policies prior to ordering.

We are making major commitments on raw materials and equipment based on daily orders and are unable to cancel orders once placed. 

The Fitness Armory St. Patrick's Day SUPER SALE


The Fitness Armory ST. PATRICK'S DAY SUPER DOORBUSTER SALE. Everything on sale! Lock in some of our best deals of the year DEALS UP TO 50% OFF! SALE EXTENDED! We are encouraging people to order online now, we are preselling popular items into May/June. Sale is active until removed from the website. Prices can change or be updated anytime so we are encouraging people to order as soon as possible due to shortages in supply nationwide.  


All orders up to the number posted below have been contacted by their location for partial or full order pick up. Incomplete orders will be contacted as items are fulfilled in future waves of equipment. We are working through hundreds of orders per day and will update the list frequently on our website. Note - order numbers are shared company-wide, not store specific. 

  • San Diego: W4650
  • Sacramento: W5758
  • Fremont: W4580
  • Los Angeles: Update pending
  • Orange County:  Update pending
  • Ontario: Update pending
  • Shipping: Update pending
  • Freight Orders: Update pending

Please see the below FAQ for answers to common questions.

*COVID-19 FAQs 4/1/2020*:

  1. Are you open?  We are still accepting orders online for contactless pick up, invitation only. We will reach out to you and schedule a time for you to pick up your order or partial order. Our staff will set the equipment outside, close back up and then you can pick up the equipment with no human to human interaction. We must all do our part to flatten the curve and practice social distancing during the pandemic and lockdown. 
  2. When will I receive a response to my inquiry? Our team is currently slammed with multiple times our normal volume and the Covid-19 crisis. We will likely not be able to respond to any questions, update requests, or special request. Our focus is on processing and updating people with orders on file 
  3. When will I receive my order? 2-8 Weeks Currently. Subject to change without notice. Partial order notices are more likely than complete order notices, we will be reaching out to people one by one as our team works through processing orders. We are at least 1-2 weeks behind currently, but people have already started receiving updates.
  4. Lead time new orders? 4-12 Weeks Currently. Subject to change without notice. If any of your items are in stock once we process, we will reach out to you with a partial pick up appointment. We encourage people to order online as soon as possible as these lead times will only grow nationally with supply coming in a trickle and many stores closing or sold out of inventory. Sale pricing will likely be extended at least a few more days, but then will go up. 
  5. How does consumer financing work? Greensky? Apply and accept your approval. There is no negative impact to accepting your approval even if you don't end up using it. Finance cannot be used on the website so one of our sales associates will work with you to get this processed through our sales system. Email with your wishlist or screenshots of your cart and we can process this order for you! You automatically get 12 months no interest with payments. If you would like to upgrade to a longer term, a one time fee of 8% to 15% is charged for terms between 24-60 months. Please state your preference when you email us!
  6. First Responder Discount? We apologize! LEO and student discounts currently do not stack with other promotions such as the current sale. For future sales we sometimes allow the discounts to stack partially, but we will advertise a discount code and conditions if we offer this promotion.
  7. Are you still shipping? Yes as long as transportation companies are working, we will be shipping. These orders are also facing the 4-12 week timeframes before shipping. 
  8. Refunds possible? Store credit only, please refer to our sale page and policy page. Please carefully review our policies and times frames prior to ordering. 

    Due to surge in demand, many of our popular items are currently sold out. But do not worry—those who have placed an order will have items fulfilled in the order they have been received. With the influx of demand, there will be unprecedented delays in these upcoming weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience and understanding. 

    For those interested in purchasing equipment, our US factory is still producing, but most items are now built to order. We ask that you please place an order soon to ensure placement in our queue for the next waves of equipment, we are now selling into May/June. Due to worldwide shortages and disruptions in supply chains, we will likely see April/May and some of June equipment sell out within the two weeks. Our sale will go through the end of this week, then we will likely be forced to raise prices as supply will continue to be constrained nationwide. We encourage those interested in purchasing to place orders soon to lock in sale pricing.

    Please note, we have a strict no refund policy on all orders, although store credit is an option. Please review our estimated time-frames and policy page carefully prior to placing your order. This policy is the difference between survival and going out of business for small businesses like ours, and it allows us to pay our staff and make rent/bill payments. In good times, this policy is also one of the reasons we’ve been able to consistently provide quality products at an affordable price and predictably forecast and produce.

    Our small team is putting on a brave face and working diligently to get through the influx of orders. We are all dealing with the new realities and uncertainties of this pandemic and ask for understanding, patience, and kindness toward our staff and each other during this time. We are imperfect, we get tired, and we get overwhelmed, but we also have a lot of heart and are working together with every desire to get your orders ready and to communicate with you.

    Thank you for supporting our small business! Stay safe, be well.

    The Fitness Armory

    *ORDER ONLINE. Sale pricing is now applied online. No code necessary. Please place your order through our website or contact us with your wish-list for quotes. We guarantee you will get the best deal with us. Lock in sale pricing early and pick up when items as soon as they are ready.

    *Stock will vary store to store. All back-ordered items may be ordered at sale pricing and will be prioritized by date of purchase. We are now taking orders for fulfillment in April/May, these slot and capacity will fill up fast. Order early to not miss out! 


    Locations: (LOCKDOWN)

    San Diego: (LOCKDOWN)

    • Address: 7980 Ronson Road, San Diego, CA 92111
    • Mon: 9:00a-5:00pm (COVID-19 Contactless Appointment Invitation only)
    • Tu: 9:00a-5:00pm  (COVID-19 Contactless Appointment Invitation only)
    • Wed: 9:00a-5:00pm (COVID-19 Contactless Appointment Invitation only)
    • Th: 9:00a-5:00pm (COVID-19 Contactless Appointment Invitation only)
    • Fri: 9:00a-5:00pm (COVID-19 Contactless Appointment Invitation only)
    • Sat: 9:00a-2:00p (COVID-19 Contactless Appointment Invitation only)
    • Contact: or 858-522-0331 (Text or Call)


    Fremont - SF Bay Area:  (LOCKDOWN)

    • Address: 331 Whitney Place, Fremont, CA 94539
    • Mon: 9:00a-5:00pm (COVID-19 Contactless Appointment Invitation only)
    • Tu: 9:00a-5:00pm  (COVID-19 Contactless Appointment Invitation only)
    • Wed: 9:00a-5:00pm (COVID-19 Contactless Appointment Invitation only)
    • Th: 9:00a-5:00pm (COVID-19 Contactless Appointment Invitation only)
    • Fri: 9:00a-5:00pm (COVID-19 Contactless Appointment Invitation only)
    • Sat: 9:00a-2:00p (COVID-19 Contactless Appointment Invitation only)
    • Contact: or (510) 556-4439 (Text or Call) 


    Sacramento: (LOCKDOWN)

    • Address: 5861 88th St Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95828
    • Mon: 9:00a-5:00pm (COVID-19 Contactless Appointment Invitation only)
    • Tu: 9:00a-5:00pm  (COVID-19 Contactless Appointment Invitation only)
    • Wed: 9:00a-5:00pm (COVID-19 Contactless Appointment Invitation only)
    • Th: 9:00a-5:00pm (COVID-19 Contactless Appointment Invitation only)
    • Fri: 9:00a-5:00pm (COVID-19 Contactless Appointment Invitation only)
    • Sat: 9:00a-2:00p (COVID-19 Contactless Appointment Invitation only)
    • Contact: or 707-410-5625 (Text or Call)



    12 Month no interest with payments with credit approval. Eligible for all purchases and discounts. Apply now or in store and spend in minutes. Ask an associate for additional details. Options of up to 60 months financing with one time fees up to 15%, please apply first for the 12 month option then contact us if approved to discuss the longer term options with additional fees.

    Commercial Financing.  Equipment lease to own programs that can fit almost any level of business or credit history. Apply today!




    4x6 Rubber Mat ¾” 100lb - $59 vs $69



    • Functional Trainer: $2499 vs $3599 (PRE-ORDER APRIL)
    • 5 Station Trainer: 40% OFF $5499 vs $8999 (PRE-ORDER APRIL)
    • Smith Machine - 50% OFF $1199 vs $2399
    • Smith Machine + Functional Combo Machine - 50% OFF $2499 vs $4999
    • Combo Line - $1999 vs $3199
    • Single Station Line - $1999 vs $3199 (PRE-ORDER 8 WEEKS)



    • *NEW AirGo Stair Climber (Self Generating) - 50% OFF $2499 vs $4999 
    • AirGo Curve Treadmill Standard+Bike COMBO 43% OFF $2699 vs $4700 
    • AirGo Curve Treadmill Standard+Ski+Base COMBO 40% OFF $2699 vs $4499 
    • AirGo Curve Treadmill Standard+Rower COMBO 39% OFF $2699 vs $4399 
    • AirGo Curve Treadmill ELITE - 40% OFF $2999 vs $4999 
    • AirGo Curve Treadmill Standard - 40% OFF $2199 vs $3699
    • AirGo Air Bike Elite- $699 vs $1199 42% OFF
    • AirGo 8.0 Ski Trainer + Stand - $749 vs $999 
    • AirGo 8.0 Rower - $699 vs $899 


      Grip Plates $1.25/lb vs $2.0/lb

      Rubber Hex Dumbbells – 

      • 3lb to 100lb - $1.10/lb vs $1.50/lb
      • 5-50 Dumbbell Set (550lb) - $577.50 vs $825 ($1.05/lb)
      • 5-100 Dumbbell Set (2100lb) - $2100 vs $3150 ($1.00/lb)


      Black Bumper Plates (All Sizes) - $1.25/lb vs $2.00/lb


      Premium Kettlebells (All Sizes) $1.10/lb vs $1.50/lb



      • *NEW 3 in 1 Bench Elite USA Proline - $449 vs $649
      • *NEW 4 in 1 Bench USA Proline - $499 vs $799



      • 20% OFF* 

      In stock items are limited store to store and some items are built to order. Lead time estimates vary and average from 2-6 Weeks. We will be ramping up inventory for our in store events.

      *Few exclusions including concept 2, rolled rubber, turf. 




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