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The Fitness Armory

4 Station Trainer

$4,559.20 $5,699.00


USA Proline 4 Station Trainer (Classic or Custom)

Size: Approx 137″ x 139″ x 171″

Weight: Approx 2105lb

Eight Stack: 200lb x 4

2 Stocked Configurations

  • PL 7344 Classic 4 Stack: Single Cable Crossover, Lat Pull Down, Tricep Press Down, Low Row
  • PL 7363 Selectorized 4 Stack: Single Cable Crossover, Lat Pull Down Low Row, Assisted Chin Up, Pec Rear Delt

16 Available Selectorized Single Station Options

  • PL 7901 Chest Press
  • PL 7902 Military Press
  • PL 7903 Pec Dec
  • PL 7904 Seated Pull Down
  • PL 7905 Biceps
  • PL 7906 Triceps
  • PL 7907 Rows
  • PL 7908 Seated Leg Extension
  • PL 7909 Seated Leg Curl
  • PL 7911 Seated Leg Press
  • PL 7912 Back Extension
  • PL 7914 Seated Twist
  • PL 7917 Lateral Raise
  • PL 7918 Glute
  • PL 7919 Horizontal Leg Curl
  • PL 7925 Multi Hip Exercise

8 Available Selectorized Combo Station Options

  • PL 7920 Assisted Chin Up
  • PL 7921 Ab Low Back Exercise
  • PL 7922 Multi Press
  • PL 7923 Leg Extension Leg Curl
  • PL 7924 Biceps Triceps Exercise
  • PL 7910 Inner Outer Thigh
  • PL 7915 Lat Pull Down Seated Row
  • PL 7916 Pec Rear Delt

4 Classic Cable Options

  • Single Cable Crossover
  • Lat Pull Down
  • Tricep Press Down
  • Low Row