Rubber Mats (4X6′ 3/4″) – Heavy Rubber Flooring 100lb

Our 4X6ft 3/4" textured rubber mats are the most popular flooring solution for both home and commercial gyms. Thicker than rolled rubber flooring, flooring tiles are better at absorbing impact and increasing the lifespan of your equipment. Extremely durable, they wont shed pieces or slip like cheaper foam tiles and provide a more commercial feel. At 100lbs each, installations are as simple as setting them down on the floor. There is no glue or tape involved which could easily cost more than $1-2/sqft to install. Because of this, our mats can easily be moved and re-installed in another location.

We suggest at least 2 mats to create a low cost home platform that is 6X8'

Equipment Specs:

  • 4X6'

  • 3/4" Thick

  • 100lbs

  • Anti Slip Ribbed Bottom

  • Anti Slip Punter Texture is our standard stock.

  • No materials needed to install. Drag and drop and you are done. Mats can be cut with a simple box cutter and a straight edge ruler or drywall t-square.

  • Punter is our preferred mat of choice as it is a more robust mat and less likely to crack. The mat is denser and heavier than most mats on the market. It has a ribbed design on the bottom that along with the weight, prevents sliding . The light punter texture helps reduce slipping on the mats surface.


  • Individual Mat - $59

  • 25 Mat Package - $1350

  • (Please contact us for custom orders and delivery options)

  • **Best price guarantee for landed price of mats anywhere in the USA for 25 mat packs. Locally for any number of mats. **

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