OP-3 Squat Rack System With Pull Up Bar

The US Made ETE "Outpost-3" Squat Rack is built with the same heavy duty specifications as our Fortress Pull Up Rig systems. We use 3" X 3" 11 gauge steel and our 7 gauge j hooks use 100% more material than our competitors. Although we stock them in black, we feature free custom powder coat coloring on all of our racks to solidify your branding message. Mounting feet are standard on all of our OP racks and the OP-2 rack also includes four weight pegs and two bar holders for weight storage and stability.

The OP-3 rack has a 48" X 60" footprint and comes in 7ft, 7.5ft, 8ft, and custom heights. The amazing price points we offer on our OP line of racks maximizes our customers buying power without sacrificing quality. Built with functional training garage gyms in mind, we strive to create comprehensive all in one solutions for home boxes by offering a wide variety of attachments. For example, by adding safety spotter bar attachments, you can enjoy the open design of a half rack, with all the functionality of a power rack for traditional strength training.

Equipment Specs:

  • 3X3 Steel

  • 7 and 11 Gauge Steel

  • Free Custom Coloring on Orders

  • Beefier 48" X 60" Base (Not counting weight pegs)

  • 4 Weight Pegs (Additional storage and stability)

  • 2 Bar Holders

  • Mounting Feet

  • Pair of 3X3 J Hooks for squat/bench/etc.

  • Standard Heights: 7ft, 7.5ft, 8ft, custom

  • Standard Single Pull Up Bars: 1 1/4" diameter (Can flip single bar to bolt high or low)

  • Weather proofing options available at additional cost + manufacturing time

OP-3 Squat Rack Prices: 

OP-3 Garage Gym Package - $2050 (Save $105)

  • OP-3 Squat Rack w/ Safety Spotters

  • 4X6' 3/4" Rubber Mat X 2

  • ETE SI Men's Olympic Bar - 165k psi - 20kg - 28.5mm

  • Spring Clips (Pair)

  • 260lbs Standard Bumper Plates

  • Dip Attachment

  • Wood Gymnastics Rings

  • Flat Bench

OP-3 Essentials Package - $1350 (Save $65)

  • OP-3 Squat Rack

  • 4X6' 3/4" Rubber Mat X 2

  • ETE SI Men's Olympic Bar - 165k psi - 20kg - 28.5mm

  • Spring Clips (Pair)

  • 160lbs Standard Bumper Plates

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